Diversifying the
data world

We are empowering and training highly educated refugees in the Netherlands to help them find employment in the fields of data and artificial intelligence.

Our approach

SpikeUp AI is a foundation that focuses on helping highly educated refugees finding a career in data and artificial intelligence. The foundation offers training and capability building programs, plus an extensive network in the business environment to find internships, projects and jobs.

Hard Skills

You will learn and practice the top-demand Data and Cloud skills and obtain industry-standard certificates.

Soft skills

We will help you equip yourself with the most important soft skills from communication to team-working.

Professional Skills

Learn the basics of the most important collaboration tools such as Trello, Miro, Slack etc. to become familiar with workplace tools.

Job searching

We support you with not only training but also post graduation through your job-searching journey by connecting you with employers.

Our results

SpikeUp AI provides you with an environment where you can learn the hard skills necessary for your next adventure while advancing your interpersonal skills.


refugees have been inspired by AI and Data through our events, workshops and training programs.


refugee alumni have landed a job in the Netherlands, 15 of which were employed as IT professionals in prominent companies.


of our graduates find a high-quality job, the rest either become a freelancer or continue their career in education.

Our alumni on the job

1. Sign-up for the training

Sign up for the next training program. Make sure to check our application criteria before you submit your application. After your you’ve applied, we will review your application within 2 weeks and inform you if you have been selected for the intake interview or not. After the intake interview, we will inform you within 7-10 days whether you have been selected to the program.

2. Participate to the classes

We provide our trainees a self-paced, on-demand learning environment that is combined with 2-day online/in-person classes. The program is intense and requires 40 hour per week commitment by the students. The aim is to help prepare our trainees to get ready for an entry-level job by the end of 7 months.

3. Final Capstone Project

Demonstrate your skills by completing assignments and capstone project. This is the final step towards the end of our training program.

4. Get hired by companies

Connect with your dream employer through our network companies and kickstart your career as an intern or junior data professional. Our mentors will help you throughout your entire job-searching journey.

“ The goal of Spikeup AI is contributing to deal with two big challenges. On one hand, to support underprivileged groups to become and feel part of the society while on the other hand, to solve the shortage of data talent in the Dutch job market ”

“The goal of SpikeUp AI is contributing to deal with two big challenges. On one hand, It is an efficient approach to support underprivileged groups to become and feel part of the society while on the other hand, it solves the shortage of data talent in the Dutch labor market”

Nazmi Dere


“The drive, eagerness and enthusiasm of Mehmet and all SpikeUp AI’s participants, clearly showed me the importance and added value of this initiative. Having so many motivated participants, I have no doubt that this could be of added value for organizations”

Vincent van hammersveld

Working together with SpikeUp AI has allowed us to gain more knowledge about the challenges of setting up a social business from the start. I am curious to see where their path goes and where they stand in a year or two from now.”

Amelie Schuler

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