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SpikeUp AI grads are trained to fulfill a data analytics and data science role in a modern tech team and work business-minded. They know the fundamentals of statistics, data preprocessing and algorithms, with a focus on Machine Learning.

Some of the 10+ prominent companies that hired our graduates

The disconnection between refugees and the business word is real

The Candidates

Only 12% of refugees are able to find a job after 2 years of getting social benefits and 90% of this, either on part-time or temporary contract.

65% of refugees are working under their level of education.

There is no enough training opportunities tailored to the needs of refugees

The Employers

Employers seeking to include diversity and inclusion programs, yet not able to find skilled refugees.

Current positions at mid-top companies are very competitive for new-starters, causing unfair competition

There is a gigantic room for co-creation and many underutilized resources

Partnership Opportunities

SpikeUp AI is always looking for partnership opportunities. Working with SpikeUp AI will give you access to a group of highly motivated professionals, that could become part of your data analytics team.

Host in house sessions or hackatons

Host a session at your premise where you present your company and let our participants work on a real-life case. It will help the participants to learn and understand what your company is about.

Facilitate guest lectures

Help us by granting us time from your experienced data professionals, that will host a guest lecture on a specific topic.

Offer internships or projects

Perhaps you want to offer a (group of) participants the opportunity to work on a specific business problem, in that case an internship or a project could be a way to collaborate with our participants.

Create job openings​

Of course that is what this program is all about: open your vacancies to our alumni. We can bring you into contact with other companies that have hired our students before. We can help you select the right candidates that match your culture and ambitions best.

Make a donation

As a foundation, your donations help us to continue fulfilling our ambitions. To give you an idea of how your donation helps, we aim to help a minimum of 30 students into jobs every year. Having said that, every donation counts: big and small!

Want to know more?

We are open for any suggestion on how a collaboration with your company can help us further. Feel free to contact us and we will discuss.