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SpikeUp AI offers advanced theoretical and practical up-to-date education on data for highly skilled and educated professionals. SpikeUp AI attaches utmost importance to soft skills and human capital development in its training programs.

Why SpikeUp AI?

We provide a role-based learning path, a distraction-free learning environment, and extensive training with a proven track record of success.

Focused Learning​

Learners obtain hands-on and cutting-edge professional skills that makes them desired in the job market ​

Success rate of over 85%

SpikeUp co-creates learning opportunities, internships and jobs, supporting refugees' with their inclusion to the job market

Project based

Companies find diverse talent by leveraging an industry-specific candidate pool, with a refugee background

The program outline

Our program lasts 7 months and consists of a combination of self-paced, on-line training, with class-room get-togethers. You will have a mentor that regularly checks in on your progress, and you will work in a small team so you can discuss the materials with your peers. 

Role-based learning

Our program is designed to provide you a role-based training that prepares you for a new career as:

  • Data Scientist
  • Data Engineer
  • Machine Learning Engineer

Top-demand certifications

Throughout the program you will be trained to earn top-demand certificates to prove your capabilities:
  • IBM Data Science Professional
  • Google Professional Data Engineer
  • Google Professional Data Analytics

Workplace Skills

We also offer you skills that help you work in a professional environment in Europe, by offering exercises in:

  • Teamwork
  • Project Management
  • Storytelling
  • Interview & Presentation

Portfolio of Projects

To give you a real-life experience on tools and methods, you will work on a portfolio of projects and cases:

  • Monthly group projects
  • Capstone project (last month)

Cutting edge tools and technologies

You will gain hands-on experience with a number of tools and methods that are commonly used in professional environments.

Our Participants

In order to participate in the program, you need to be admitted and recognized as a refugee in The Netherlands (“Statushouder“). You need to have a Masters or Bachelor degree from a University or a University of Applied Sciences and you need to be able to understand and speak English. If you are highly motivated and available full-time for the duration of the program, this opportunity is for you.

A place to learn, grow together and make a fresh start

We strive to provide the highest quality education, bridging your background with well-structured knowledge and resources.


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"Participating in the SpikeUp Al bootcamp has been an incredible journey. The well-designed colloquium and top trainers from SpikeUp Al helped me boost my data analytics and data management skills. Upon completing the program, I've started my career as an Engineer!"

Shokouh Rahsepar
SpikeUp AI Graduate

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